Whilst Shanah Investments does not limit its operations to any one sector, we have a particular interest in three burgeoning sectors within sub-Saharan Africa. Namely: infrastructure, agriculture and education. These industries are particularly important to us because of their high socio-economic impact on the economies within which we operate. 

In addition to these industries our portfolio includes businesses involved in extraction, pharmaceuticals, tourism and HoReCa to name a few.




The Radisson Blu and Park Inn

As part of our growing hospitality portfolio, Shanah Investments has acquired both the Radisson Blu and Park Inn hotels in Libreville. As Gabon continues to develop as regional hub for shipping and business these two establishments accommodate the majority of international travellers arriving in the city and serve as a premium conference venue. Following a complete refurbishment the two sites are now the largest and highest quality hotels in Gabon.


Mayena foods

Mayena Foods began operations as a single pizzeria (Don Vincenzo) in Libreville’s downtown area. Having been well received by locals as well as the city’s expat community, Shanah Investments sought to maximise the number of offerings this organisation provided. We transformed the land where Don Vincenzo initially stood to accommodate several more establishments: Mesa (a family friendly Tex-Mex), Ovima (Pan-African fine dining), Saveurs d’Orient (Indian cuisine), Morelli’s Gelato (an international gourmet ice-cream franchise) as well as SKY Bar (Libreville’s first rooftop cocktail lounge). 



Having recognised the enormous growth potential for education across Africa, Shanah Investments is co-funding in an international private school in Gabon. Ecole Ruban Vert is the premium IB school within the Central-West African region providing top level academic rigor as well as extracurricular development.  The school is steadily enrolling more students with each approaching year and is honoured to have the First Lady of Gabon as its Patron. 



Shanah Investments has recently invested in innovative farming technologies to increase efficiency and production in partnership with a selection of developing farms in Gabon and Cameroon. We aim to provide affordable produce to local markets where currently expensive imports make day-to-day groceries inaccessible to much of the local population.